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We've started, and published one example, calculations to AS/NZS 4600 to allow our cousins in the southern hemisphere to design using our tools! 
Following several years of development and procrastination we have finally started on tools to allow uses to design to AS/NZS 4600, using the Direct Strength Method. 
Our friends at Howick Ltd have provided section properties for their 89mm profile for us which we have added as a Data List and developed Roof and Floor Joist calculations using C scections only at this stage.  
Lattice trusses, wall studs and pitched roof trusses are all to follow in the next few weeks. If you'd like a time limited demo of the tools available now, please use the Contact Us form to request a copy and we'll be happy to share. 
Manufacturers. Would you like to add your 'updated' profiles to our list? Please contact us to discuss costs for adding the properties.  
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