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We've developed 'Hot State Member Checks' for Light Gaueg Steel to reduce costs of testing and offer greater heights available via Warranties. 
Following several years of development with various Universities and other research bodies and interetsed parties we are now able to offer hot state checks of members to British Standards (5950-8) and Euro Codes (1993-1-2). Both standards are decades old and un limited by test rig capacities in terms of loads that can be applied. 
What isn't visible in the interface are the following points: 
Yield strength reduced due to annealing from exposure to heat to the standards - tables give ratios to reduce yield strength at temperatures. 
Section properties are re calculated based on the reduced yield strength basde on the manufactures desired temperature 
Reduced load factors are used based on the standards to reflect 'accidental loading' scenario. 
Calculation is essentially the 'cold state' check but using the reduced section properties, yield strength and load factors. 
Calculation checks only that the member can carry the loads applied. It does not give a fire rating, i.e. 30minutes, 60 minutes, etc. That is reliant on the 'system' protecting the members, i.e. the boards. 
We are reaching out to board manufacturers to provide insulation data based on their boards - note BBA recognise that as board manufactures change the quarry or other supplier the board performance characteristics change, so the BBA certificate is invalidated. (Same happens if a board is manufactured in the UK or Europe). 
Finally, please download our case study to share with others (or use the social media links below). 
The calculations are available through our Beta program - please use teh contact form below to request a copy. 
Manufacturers. Would you like to add your 'updated' profiles to our list? Please contact us to discuss costs for adding the properties or for us to generate them for you at you're desired temperatures.  
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