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We've added additional types of compound lintel based on the lintel types used in the facade, or non load bearing, lintels. These are to British Standards only at this stage, with Euro Codes to follow. 
We have added options for different types of load bearing lintels all based on our existing 'Facade Lintels' to keep things familiar. 
Today, mid February 2023 the designs are only to British Standards, but will be updated to include Euro Codes shortly. (Contact us for an early preview!) 
We are also planning to add options to enable users to reinforce trussed lintels to improve their horizontal abilities using the compounded light gauge steel options, and a an option too introduce hot rolled steel options also! 
We've also been busy tweaking other calculations over the last few months incuding adding active sketches of C and U profiles to stud designs and floor joists. - Contact us for a sample! 
Finally we are in discussion with a structural fire engineer on how we can take our existing 'Hot State Stud Calculations' that comply with 'Part A' - Structure - of the UK Building Regulations to something that allows us to calculate the time it will take a stud to fail, thus providing calculations that comply with Part B of the UK Building regulations. 
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