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Partnership announced with IPROBLUE Technologies 
IPROBLUE Technologies and Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd supported by MMCEngineer Ltd are proudly announcing the joint venture to finalize the very first independent hybrid system for the light gauge steel structures engineering and analysis within 3d model for wall framings, floor joists, and roof trusses. Both parties strongly support automation and AI/ML driven design for manufactured assemblies and prefabrication. The mission is to define modern LGSF design market of the future covering all major international LGSF design codes under one product. Both firms are looking forward together to the exponentially growing market for the light gauge steel structures solving the global housing challenges. 
After many years of servicing the market, both entities agreed to combine their expertise in light gauge steel and respective technologies. The goal is to embrace already proven products into one automated system. The focus is on leveraging BIM modelling technology with the seamless parametric design and engineering processes. The new combined software accelerates use of design data within the 3D environment whether engineered or drawn first. There is no need for engineers or draughting team to do repetitive, redundant work. At the same time, it creates 3D models that are freely able to ‘talk’ to the steel roll forming machines helping fabricators and manufacturers to make the manufacturing process effortless. All while enabling installers to improve their deliverables and quality without investment in roll forming machines. Once fully implemented all network participants will lower the cost of operation by digitizing the supply chain and eliminating redundant processes and operations. 
The decision of building the new BIM system based on Tekla Software first highlights their current dominance of the construction software market as well as excellent API sourcing and documentation. The plan is to include design interoperability with other software in the future. After transition period the new joint venture will operate under XXXXXXX brand. 
The Parties responsible for the merger: 
Stephen Napper CEng MIMechE BEng (Hons), Director 
Co-founder of Modern Engineered Software Solutions Ltd & MMCEngineer Ltd. 
Radim Kurek 
Co-founder at IPROBLUE Technologies LLC 
Przemek Olesinski 
Co-founder at IPROBLUE Technologies LLC 
For the business inquiries please contact Przemek Olesinski at or Stephen Napper @ or Radim Kurek @ 
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