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We've recently had opportunity to compare our design to another Engineer's and found we were 50% lighter! 
Recently our Steve Napper has had opportunity to design a two storey house to validate a set of calculations he was tasked with checking as part of his NHBC stage 2 certifier role and was pleasantly surprised to find that using our software we were aproximately 50% lighter - an undoubtedly faster!  
It took Steve around 45 minutes to design using our Breve based Add In for Tedds, a roof design using timber trusses and modular units. Steve designed ceilings - using client specified loads, so no 'cheating' to reduce loads:  
Ceiling reduced from 1.6mm to 1.2mm 
Floor Joist centres increased from 400mm to 600mm 
External walls reduced from 1.6mm to 1.2mm 
Internal walls stayed the same at 1.2mm and 600mm c/c 
Weights reduced from 2335kg while the MESS solution weighed 1532kg - Thats a whopping 50% reduction 
Coupled with our ongoing work on passive fire protection, constant updates to the software in the form of improved reporting, guidance and clarity - we have a meeting with the Tedds Devlopment team on Friday 7th June.  
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