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We are in the process of adding a new Truss Type, with the option of adding more. This update is due mid October 2020. 
We have further developed our Add In For Light Gauge Steel with the help of our friends and colleagues at Trimble so that we can now add different Truss Shapes without effecting the existing types. I'd like to give a shout out to 'Ben Goldsworthy', Tedds Product Development Manager of Trimble for facilitating this ability for us - without Ben we'd not be able to do half the stuff we can, and the software wouldn't be half as useful to you, the user base! 
We have started with a Dormer Roof type based on the existing 'Attic' truss to make easier to assemble and seems to be how our user base is making the trusses more importantly! IF you have differing truss types that you'd like to see added please do contact us via the Contact Us form telling us the truss types you like to be included and linking to an image / drawing so we can code in. 
This additional design tool should be available to all users in Mid October, but we are reliant on an update from another party to facilitate this feature, so apologies in advance if it's delayed. 
As ever the software runs the calculations, checks the deflection and calculates required number of fixings and the self-weight of the truss ! 
We are also working on the 'Trimmer' design so that we can introduce multiple spans, and possibly cantilevers! Users can already change the support types to make a cantilever and can really delve under the hood and add additional nodes, spans, etc. in the interface, but is aimed at 'more advanced users of Tedds'. This new update should open up such designs to all users. 
If you interested in either of these developments and want to know more or work with us to develop further, or one for yourselves, drop us a line via the contact page. 
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