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We are pleased to announce the launch of a BETA of our existing 2D Roof Truss Analysis now with active sketches, new mono pitched truss and internal member releases. 
We are pleased to announce that with a little additional help from our friends at #Trimble we have been able to incorporate Active Sketches into our 2D Roof Truss Design as well as mono pitched trusses and internal member end releases. 
Users can, as ever, design to EN1993-1-3 and to BS 5950-5, in the strong or weak axis with the 30+ manufacturers profiles, but now it's just a little easier! 
Calculations show loads applied, deflections and carry out member checks on top chord, bottom chord and internals as well as checking deflection and showing the numbers of fixings required to connect it all together. 
Trusses can readily be designed in the strong or weak axis as required and profiles can be mixed and matched if required between all three groups. 
Visit our YouTube Channel for an example of the tuss design today and check out the other video's on Breve, Joist Designs and 'One Form House Design' while your there. 
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