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Version 2.3.4 of our Add In for Tedds is released featuring a number of cosmetic updates but also a major update to the facade design calculation. 
Facade Design now includes Jamb stud as 'C' and 'C wrapped with 'U' ' and FIVE head / cill solutions. 
Section properties and manufacturers now listed in alphabetical order. 
2411 Group profiles added 
General 'under the hood' tweaks and improvements 
Planned for the next release - end June / early July are profiles from Northumbria University, based on Gatheeshgar's work on optimised joist profiles, an additional manufacturer's profiles to be added (name not released at this time!) and our list of profiles in the Tedds 2D Roof truss analysis to enable duo pitched roofs and others to be designed from roof to foundation without leaving Tedds. 
You may also be interested in our YouTube Channel where we have posted our instructional video's on how to use the software / add in and are adding more as requested. Do drop us a line via the contact page with requests for any instructional videos relating to the add in. 
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