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Pitched roof trusses have been added to the range of calculatons included in the Tedds Add In for Light Gauge Steel 
We can now design trusses – duo pitched (obviously), but also Parallel Chord, Monopitch rafter and Floor / Roof and Floor / Roof Inverted suing Trimbles in built ‘tools’ but using our complete data list’s. (EC version shown below, but also works to BS!) 
Today, 24th June, we need to manually add the loads to members, develop / apply load combinations and would need to run member checks post analysis. The only real difference is that we have added our own data lists thanks to Trimbles devlopment team opening up the calculation to allow us to do so. We have a form to pre determine warren or fink duo pitch and number of panels, but that’s it. 
We have a long list of development desires, all of which are doable, albeit with a little more effort on our part! Things like the calculation determining 'Pass' or 'Fail' of the given truss based on area loads user applies and truss spacing OR user choosing truss spacing based on area loads for a given truss. Do let us know if you have any thoughts / desires on how you'd like to use via the contact form
Existing users, IF you need a version now just shout and we can send you what we have, but if you can give us a few more weeks we’ll have where we’d like to for the 1st formal issue! 
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