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As of Monday 8th February 2021 we are adding Dormer Truss Types and Double Span Members for Solid C Roof Joists! 
We are pleased to be able to announce, after a brief hiatus from our two and three monthly updates of the software we have another update ready! 
This version, released Monday 8th February, we have updated the Pitched Roof Analysis with a few cosmetic tweaks to the layout to make easier to use, including notes with images and description of the truss types. 
A new truss type has been added / developed - we now offer a bespoke / unique to us, i,e. not available in Tedds generally and available only thanks to our great working relationship with Trimble. 
We now offer a 'Dormer Loft' truss type - see example below: 
The truss type includes a new member type - Wall and is pin jointed throughout. 
As ever members can be  
Rotated in strong or weak axis 
Designed to BS 5950-5 or EN 1993-1-3 
Ceiling Height and Truss Height can be edited 
In addition we have added multi span members for Solid C Roof joists. (Floors to follow in the next update in the next few months!) 
At this stage the double span member is ONLY available for Solid C section joists and roof members at that - depending on feedback and user experience we will look to add floors and lattice trusses sooner rather than later. We also have plans for cantilever members with differing deflection limits for both design cases. 
As ever members CAN be designed to BS 5950-5 AND EN 1993-1-3 
We will be demonstrating BOTH new calculations at the next monthly training session on Thursday 4th March 2021. Check back for details nearer the time. 
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